We care the leading issues to environmental pollution and safety for the people. Therefore, all employees in the company are committed to follow and implement business policies of the Company about Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE – Heath, Safety, Security and Environment).

From the application of good business policy, focusing on the health, safety and security for employees, has brought to our company’s success in the business market at large.


MiennamPetro will always ensure:

Full implementation of the legal requirements were committed. We can meet timely or exceed the expectations of customers in the places where we have offices or branches nationwide.

Creating a safe working environment for employees through better asset protection or what belongs to the company. More specifically, we prohibit any illegal behavior, hostility, causing injury or harmful to employees. Because of that, we guarantee, does not have any business and production activity that can be more important than human lives.

We will regularly provide efficient workflow at the factory. Besides, the employees and contractors will apply a special policy of MiennamPetro business, we’re always transparency in public activities as well as the statement of operations. At the same time, we will always consult public opinions from the outside in order to understand the customer betteras well as internal company on issues related to HSSE policies.