MiennamPetro products

Daily and hourly, employees at MiennamPetro has been entrusted to continue to pursue the best results. We provide long-term core values, the perfect solution and strive to become the leading lubricant and chemical manufacturer in the region.


Our products include:

  • Engine oil: motorcycles (especially for the scooter), new model cars, diesel engines.
  • Marine Oil (for engine piston and slider).
  • Oil industry: plasticized rubber oil, sewing machine oil, compressor oil , refrigerating machine oil, transmission fluid, circulation oil, …
  • Grease and maintenance products.

Beliefs of MiennamPetro

We believe that with advanced automatic mixing technology, through several strict inspection methods, international standards quality as well as the ability to import specialized products, we can meet all customers’ requirements for technology, types of product and package.


The motto of MiennamPetro

In MiennamPetro, we appreciate the collective effort, with products created from the solidarity and mutual assistance. Our desire to become partners to carry out perfect care for your equipment and ensure your property is continuously protected. These expectations are reflected in each of our products in which most of the ideas and researches focus on the smallest details of the product. With the motto “Quality of Products and Services is the survival of the company” We believe that MiennamPetro will be a reliable partner of customers.