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TURYNS TD is high quality turbine oil, formulated from refined mineral oil and high performance additives that provide excellent resistance oxidation, anti-corrosion, and demulsibility, appropriate to use the modern gas, steam, water turbines.


  • Excellent thermal stability, resistance oxidation and heat-transfer properties help to prevent the formation deposits and sludge and extended oil life.
  • Excellent water separation, can be drained water easily form the lubrication system and reducing contamination.
  • Fast air-release, low foaming, help to easy circulating oil and lubricate the entire surface equipments.
  • Excellent anti-corrosion, anti-rust helps to increased equipment reliability and extended systems turbines life.

Specifications and Approvals

  • Fives Cincinnati P-38, P-55, P-54, P-57.
  • General Electric GEK 32568, GEK 107395, GEK 46506.
  • Siemens TLV 9013 04.
  • Alstom HTGD 90 117.
  • Solar Turbines ES9-224.
  • DIN 51524-1; 51515-1.
  • Parker Denison HF-0 Bench Tests.
  • AIST 125.
  • ISO 8068.
  • AGMA 9005 E02-RO.


  • Designed for lubricating and cooling industrial steam, gas, water turbines...
  • Used in centrifugal and axial, dynamic turbo-compressors and turbine systems.

Technical Data

Technical specifications Test methods 32 46 68 100
Density at 15oC (Kg/l) ASTM D 4052 0.84-0.86 0.84-0.86 0.84-0.88 0.84-0.88
Kinematic Vicosity at 40oC (mm2/s) ASTM D 445 30-35 44-50 68-73 95-105
Vicosity Index (VI) ASTM D 2270 Min 100 Min 100 Min 100 Min 95
Flash point (oC) ASTM D 92 Min 200 Min 200 Min 220 Min 240
Pour point (oC) ASTM D 97 Max -18 Max -18 Max -15 Max -12
Water separation at 54oC (mins) ASTM D 1401 Max 5 Max 5 Max 10 Max 10
Rust test, distilled water ASTM D 665A Pass Pass Pass Pass
Rust test, synthetic sea water ASTM D 665B Pass Pass Pass Pass
Oxidation stability (RPVOT) (min) ASTM D 2272 Min 1000 Min 1000 Min 1000 Min 1000
Turbine oil stability test (TOST) (hrs) ASTM D 943 Min 10000 Min 10000 Min 10000 Min 10000
Copper strip corrosion, (3 hrs, 100oC) ASTM D 130 Max 1b Max 1b Max 1b Max 1b

(These characteristics are typical of current production, not constitute specifications).

Preservation and Safety

  • Storage in a covered warehouse.
  • Store temperature should not exceed 60oC.
  • Keep off sparks and flammable materials. Storage must be covered carefully and away from the risk of contamination.
  • Used oil must be treated properly, don’t pour directly into ditches , water sources.


  • Can, bucket of 18 Liter, 25 Liter, Drum of 200 Liter.
  • Or package meets to customer’s requirements.