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PRICE: 94.000 VNĐ/1L | 85.000 VNĐ/0.8L

MARS GOLD is high quality semi-synthetic four-stroke motorcycle engine oil, designed for the latest generation four-stroke motorcycle engine, cooled by air or water, bringing riding comfortable and helps endurance engine after each trips.


  • Due to new film protection surface equipment technology, ensure adhesive and stability, help to excellent lubricate all part, reduce fiction to maximum, bringing riding comfortable.
  • Multi-grade, help to easily starting in the morning or cold area and fast cooling when motorcycle runs at high speed, high load and high temperature, ensure endurance engine.
  • Excellent detergent and dispersant capability help to outstanding engine cleanliness, maintain performance to maximum.
  • Excellent thermal stability and oxidation help to extend oil life and saving costs.

Specifications and Approvals

  • SAE 20W/50.
  • API SJ.
  • JASO MA2.


  • Designed for the latest generation four-stroke motorcycle engine, cooled by air or water: ESP engines, Blue Core engines, electronic fuel injection systems... of Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, SYM... manufacturers.
  • Recommend oil interval drain 2000 - 3000Km to maintain performance.

Technical Data

Technical specifications Test methods Results
Density at 15oC (Kg/l) ASTM D 4052 0.86-0.89
Kinematic viscosity at 100oC (mm2/s) ASTM D 445 19-21
Viscosity Index (VI) ASTM D 2270 Min 110
Flash Point COC (oC) ASTM D 92 Min 230
Pour point (oC) ASTM D 97 Max -18
Total base Number (mgKOH/g) ASTM D 2896 Min 6.5
Water content by vol/mass (%V) ASTM D 95 Max 0.05
Foaming characteristic at 93,5oC (ml/ml) ASTM D 892 Max 10/0

(These characteristics are typical of current production, not constitute specifications).

Preservation and Safety

  • Storage in a covered warehouse.
  • Store temperature should not exceed 60oC.
  • Keep off sparks and flammable materials. Storage must be covered carefully and away from the risk of contamination.
  • Used oil must be treated properly, don’t pour directly into ditches, water sources.


  • Bottle of 0.8 Liter, 1 Liter.
  • Or package meets to customer’s requirements